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Do you have problems with your working or your residence permit? Questions about family reunification or visas? 
To find an answer for your questions regarding the immigration law in Luxembourg, you can come to ASTI on Friday, 9th of December, between 2 and 4 pm. A free chinese translator will be available to help you talk to us. 
At the same time, you can collect our new information leaflet in chinese language "bienvenue au Luxembourg". It includes many interesting and important topics about Luxembourg in chinese language.
You can pass here without prior appointment!
We look foward to meet you!




同时,您可以通过“bienvenue au Luxembourg”的中文宣传资料了解更多的信息,它包含了很多关于卢森堡的重要并有趣的话题。






The "Partnerships for Intercultural Integration" project

Access to information and understanding it are key elements in facilitating the social and administrative integration of migrants.

In Luxembourg, there are communication difficulties due to the linguistic and cultural differences between the host society institutions and  migrants.

 ASTI, with funding from the Government Commissariat for Foreigners and the The European Fund for the Integration of Third-country nationals (EIF), has set up the project “Partnerships for Intercultural Integration” (Partenariats pour l'Intégration Interculturelle) which includes three aspects:

  • an information service: Info-migrants
  • an Intercultural Interpreting service
  • the website "bienvenue.lu"

The project consists in offering nationals from third countries information on settling and living in Luxembourg and resources to better integrate into the host society. It also aims to facilitate communication between those working in the administrations and services and non-European citizens, in the spirit of openness between them.

To do so, ASTI has established partnerships with immigrants’ associations and Luxembourg institutions to facilitate access to information and the exercise of the rights and obligations of everyone.

The website bienvenue.lu should facilitate this right to information for non-European citizens through its collection on one portal of all the information required to move to and integrate into Luxembourg. This information can be downloaded in several languages and represents a useful communication tool.


You can download our leaflet here.

It's also available in other languages:

albanian  -  french  -  arabic  -  chinese  -  portugueserussian  -  serbian - spanish

Any question
regarding the immigration law

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